Lisa Gibbons

Lisa is currently on maternity leave


Registered Nurse


Lisa was recruited by Galderma Canada’s Aesthetic and Correctives’ Department in 2015 as Clinical Trainer for Western Canada.  The main part of Lisa’s role with Galderma was to train doctors and nurses on the company’s products and on advanced techniques in facial injections. During the 3 years Lisa worked for Galderma she completed several preceptorships with world-renowned physicians who specialize in facial injections and attended conferences all over the world. Lisa has not only studied facial injectables under some of the most recognized names globally in facial aesthetics but has also helped organize and conduct large aesthetic meetings.

Lisa entered into the world of aesthetics in 2012 with a background in pediatric and adult emergency care, she has a passion for enhancing ones’ natural beauty.  Lisa believes in taking a holistic approach to with a combination of skin care products, eating healthy, exercise, laser treatments, along with volume addition/replacement with fillers and wrinkle prevention with neurotoxin (Dysport/Botox).


Lisa’s mission is to deliver natural and subtle results to her patients.  Her trained aesthetic eye allows her to provide facial contouring, corrective techniques, enhancements and volume replacement.  Additionally, she enjoys treating patients with non-surgical treatments for spot fat reduction, skin tightening, wrinkles, pores, red/brown pigments, hair removal, along with vaginal laser treatments for leakage, dryness and tightening.


Lisa’s varied and extensive experience as well as her caring, professional and pleasant demeanor make her an excellent addition to our team.

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