Chemical Peels

Sex and the City didn’t do chemical peels any favours! When Samantha showed up at Carrie’s party and lifted that black veil, I believe the popularity of chemical peels plummeted.

Truth is, chemical peels are effective, inexpensive treatments for almost all skin types and concerns, with results comparable to more expensive laser treatments. Take a moment to learn more about peels and how they benefit your skin, especially in Alberta with our dry, harsh climate!

Imagine that all of the skin cells on your face are held together with glue. As the ‘glue’ on the outside of your skin becomes dehydrated from products, low humidity, wind, sun, etc, it hardens and doesn’t allow the dead skin cells to slough off. This results in a mask of dead skin cells which:

· prevents serums and creams from absorbing

· gives a matte, dry complexion

· is where fine lines and crepey skin lives

How do peels work?

Peel treatments use natural acids that dissolve the ‘glue’ that is preventing the sloughing of these unwanted cells. Treatments are quick and comfortable with a light to moderate tingling sensation. Over the course of the next few days, the dead skin ‘peels’, and you are left with plump, live healthy cells and a glowing complexion.

Different types of peels

Light peels have little to no downtime, perhaps just a couple days of dry skin. Medium depth peels give a more impressive result, but will require a few days downtime with flaking skin. Different acids are used for different skin concerns. Peels are effective for acne, sun damage, and aging.

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