Queen of Skin Care

Retinol is the Queen of Skin Care Ingredients!

Most of our clients use Retinol. We often joke that we know what our ladies are doing on Thursday and Sunday nights, Retinol! When used sparingly and as instructed, most clients adjust to Retinol with little or no concerns… But every once in a while, sometimes we feel for our amu

sement, one of our lovely ladies thinks ‘more is more’ and overuses their Retinol. Well… today that motivated us to remind everyone why we don’t do that.

When used properly Retinol speeds up our cell turnover pushing new young cells to the surface of our skin (GOOD), but when too much Retinol is used it can cause too many immature cells to rise to the surface of our skin (BAD). This can cause peeling and, because the bonds that hold these cells together haven’t formed yet, cause other products to penetrate the skin too deeply, resulting in redness and sensitivity.

Peeling – Redness - Sensitivity :(

What to do?

Stop using Retinol – for now. Avoid any products other than those meant to calm sensitive skin, including your vitamin c. If you need to exfoliate peeling skin, do so gently. Your skin is now more sun-sensitive, so use a mineral sunblock, and use silicone-based or mineral makeup. Within a day or two, your skin will settle down.

Don’t give up!

Every good relationship goes through hard times. Don’t give up on your retinol, after all… it wasn’t the one who didn’t follow instructions! Try again, exactly as advised, and you will be glad you did!

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