Vitamin C !!

I LOVE this molecule!

If there is no comparison to Vitamin A (Retinol) when it comes to anti-aging (and there isn’t), then there is no comparison to Vitamin C when it comes to skin health.

Top 4 Reasons Why you should be using Vitamin C

#4 Skin Brightener: Vitamin C inhibits melanin production (cause of brown spots). It will fade discolouration and prevent it from forming.

#3 Sun Protection: Vitamin C protects the skin from damage caused by UV rays, and is shown to boost sun protection when applied under sunscreen, by 4x! … Next time you are at the clinic, ask me about my Vitamin C Experiment in Mexico.

#2 Anti-Aging: Vitamin C accelerates the production of Collagen and Elastin! Yup!

#1 Antioxidant: Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals. Free radicals are caused by ozone, sun, alcohol, smoking, air pollutants, and chemicals in your products. They cause damage to cells and DNA! Just as Vitamin C is a powerhouse taking internally, it is a powerhouse applied topically, preventing oxidation in the same way lemons delay oxidation on apples.

How to use Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a difficult molecule to keep stable. If you are going to use a topical Vitamin C, use a good one. Look for a Vitamin C serum with ‘L-ascorbic acid’, between 10 – 20%, with a ph below 3.5. 3 drops of Vitamin C serum is enough to cover your face and neck (it is an acid, so if overused it will make your skin feel dry). Because Vitamin C stays in our tissues for well over 24 hours, you may apply your serum every second morning. Application is on clean, dry skin.

At Fresco

The makers of SkinCeuticals were the first to discover the benefits of L-ascorbic acid. Their patented Vitamin C Serums with have a ph between 2.5-3%, which makes them the best Vitamin C serums available.

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