Why SkinCeuticals?

With all of the product lines out there, and those of us over a certain age have tried them all, why SkinCeuticals?

#1 – CE Ferulic – This will be the #1 reason on anyone’s ‘Why SkinCeuticals’ list. It is their claim to fame; simply the best Vitamin C on the market. It has won countless awards, is patented, and is at the top of every beauty recommendation list.

#2 – Antioxidants – Born from decades of cancer research, it is understandable that SkinCeuticals would be the leader in antioxidant products. Proven to penetrate the skin, their antioxidants prevent and repair skin damaged by sun, pollution, and internal aging factors.

#3 – Sunblocks – We have only ever sold physical blocks at the spa – no chemical. SkinCeuticals was the first company to introduce a 100% physical block and their Physical Fusion is still both of our favourite.

#4 – Acne – For our clients who suffer with adult acne – Blemish + Age Serum would only be second to water if they were moving to a deserted island. Don’t believe us? Next time you are in for your injectables, ask Lisa what is in her purse!

#5 – Anti-Aging – One of the most peer-reviewed skin care lines out there, the scientific evidence proving the efficacy of SkinCeuticals Anti-Aging products is impressive, but you don’t have to have much faith in the evidence, you will notice a difference within days.

#6 – SkinCeuticals Peels – Simple & Effective. SkinCeuticals Lunch-time (quick) peels are customizable for ALL SKIN TYPES & conditions, and peels in general are a must in Alberta!

There are many reasons why SkinCeuticals is the #1 Skin Care Brand in North America. Please drop by the spa or book a consultation to learn more!

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